Mike Dempsey

Managing Director, Claytex

Mike Dempsey

Engineering simulation expert with over ten years experience in Modelica and Dymola and founder of Claytex. During this time I have worked in some of the most challenging engineering projects for aerospace, automotive and energy clients.

Our clients also include 7 out of 13 of the world’s F1 teams – where we’re often working alongside the teams on special projects, driver in the loop simulations as well as supplying software and support to the teams.

Today I’m working with University MSc programmes and clients who number some of the most respected organisations in the world in a variety of industries – on existing engineering challenges and new product development.

Specialties: Dymola, Modelica, Systems Engineering, Powertrain Simulation, Vehicle Dynamics, seamless understanding of vehicle architecture, driveline dynamics, powertrain simulation, systems engineering, hardware and driver in the loop, control system design, driveability, mechatronics, HIL simulation and real time simulation.