Presentation Abstract

Applying an Agile Approach with MBSE

  • Speaker: Madaline Pantano & Flavius Galiber - Northrop Grumman
  • When: Day 2 : Monday May 20th
  • The combination of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and the Agile process aids in the execution of programs that are constantly changing, are highly complex, and contain uncertainties throughout system development. Establishing an Agile MBSE approach allows teams to manage change and uncertainties, manage the complexity of a system, foster multidisciplinary collaboration between cross-functional teams, and provide a central repository model as the source of truth for system information. 

    Implementing an Agile MBSE approach provides teams the opportunity to easily manage changing system requirements and focus on Lean Modeling to deliver capabilities aligning to team-defined iteration goals. By breaking down model development into time-boxed iterations, the overall quality is increased allowing teams to focus on specific iteration goals to develop and collaborate upon. At the completion of each iteration, teams receive feedback to ensure customer alignment, overall focusing the team’s efforts on Lean Modeling by avoiding Big Modeling Up Front (BMUF). This iterative process supports model development by adapting to change, ensuring transparency, delivering models frequently, and ensuring a short period of time where teams fail-fast to learn what specific approaches work. By defining the approach for combining Agile and MBSE best practices, the groundwork is laid for successful collaboration and generation of meaningful architectural solutions.

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