Presentation Abstract

Enterprise MBSE Deployment Practices

  • Speaker: Rokas Bartkevicius - CATIA No Magic
  • When: Day 2 : Monday May 20th
  • The Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) keyword is no longer known from conferences or papers only. Industry organizations are already building their experience on adopting the MBSE solution. Some of them develop and deploy MBSE at a department, some at unit, and some even at the organization level. They face a lot of common and individual challenges on their way to MBSE.

    Working with our clients from Automotive industry (like Renault-Nissan, Audi, Ford) which are currently developing and deploying MBSE solutions in their companies we have collected various approaches, different challenges, and experiences. This presentation will summarize them going through the main MBSE adoption phases: Definition, Development, and Deployment. We will focus on tool selection process, modeling method, tools customization & integration perspectives, deployment strategy, and effective communication importance.