Presentation Abstract

How to Start Up a New MBSE Modeling Activity

  • Speaker: Michael Crow, Ahmed Kang, and Molly Kaufman - The Boeing Company
  • When: Day 3 : Tuesday May 21st
  • The Boeing Company is adopting MBSE (Model Based Systems Engineering) across the enterprise. Programs are moving from Document Based Systems Engineering and Model Based Systems Engineering. But this technology is new to most systems engineers and programs often struggle to adopt MBSE. This presentation will walk through five key steps to take to start up a new MBSE activity:

    1. Assess Management Commitment
    2. Assess Program Readiness
    3. Decide what you want to accomplish
    4. Define your outputs
    5. Develop your Meta Model
    6. Define your modeling process
    7. Define your modeling style guide
    8. Prepare for Deployment
    9. Train the modelers
    10. Build the model

    This presentation should give programs some clear direction on how to get started, which improves success and maximizes return on investment.