Presentation Abstract

Introduction to MBSE with SysML

  • Speaker: Sanford Friedenthal - MBSE Consultant
  • When: Day 1 : Sunday May 19th
  • Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) formalizes the practice of systems engineering through the use of models. This class is directed at individuals who are new to Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) with SysML, and is intended to answer the why, what and how of MBSE using SysML.

    The class is organized into Session 1 and Session 2 over 2 days. Participation in Session 1 is strongly recommended for those students who wish to participate in Session 2. During Session 1 on day 1, the instructor provides background and motivation for transitioning to MBSE from a document centric approach to systems engineering, and then provides an overview of how SysML is used to represent systems, and an overview of a MBSE method to specify and architect systems. During Session 2 on day 2, The instructor delves into SysML language concepts, and provides basic tool instruction to guide the students through the development of a model of a simple system using Cameo Systems Modeler.

    The SysML model is a graphical model of the system that captures the system requirements, behavior, structure, and parametrics, and is not an analytical model like Simulink that produces analysis results. However, the SysML model can be integrated with analytical models.

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