Presentation Abstract

Leveraging Alf for SysML, Part 2: More Effective Trade Study Modeling

  • Speaker: Ed Seidewitz - Model Driven Solutions
  • When: Day 4 : Wednesday May 22nd
  • Alf is the OMG-standard textual language specifically designed for specifying executable behavior in the context of graphical, executable UML and SysML models. It is the best alternative to using complicated activity diagrams or scripting languages not designed for use in models. This tutorial provides a hands-on introduction to the Alf Plugin for MagicDraw, which fully supports the use of Alf in SysML models created using Cameo Systems Modeler and executed using Cameo Simulation Toolkit.

    Building on the foundation laid in Part 1, Part 2 focuses on leveraging Alf in SysML models for studying trade-offs between design variants. You will use Alf to script behavior, together with SysML parametrics to specify mathematical constraints. Find out how to more effectively and easily apply classic SysML modeling patterns, such as those for roll-up and trade study, unlocking the full power of model simulation.

    Prerequisites: Completion of Part 1 of the tutorial, or previous experience using the Alf Plugin with SysML. Experience with SysML parametric and trade study modeling may be helpful but is not required.