Presentation Abstract

Model-based Risk Analysis & Mitigation using UAFP and Cameo Safety and Reliability Analyzer

  • Speaker: Mary Tolbert & Rae Anderson - MITRE
  • When: DAY 2 : Monday May 20th
  • This paper describes how the combination of multiple UML profiles and information types from various Risk Analysis methods supports the vision of MBSE and ensures that Risk Analysis & Mitigation is addressed in the same model as the system architecture. Forming this single Model-based Risk Analysis & Mitigation (MB-RAM) Conceptual Model enables the system engineers to apply a formalized model-based risk method to expose the quantitative measures and mitigation mechanisms required to minimize the potential impact of identified risks. The MB-RAM Conceptual Model augments multiple UML profiles (i.e., UAFP, Safety Profile, Operational Threat and Risk Profile, Semantic Information Modeling for Federation) with additional risk-related information elements to bring forward awareness of risks that may impact critical assets. Practical application of MB-RAM Conceptual Model is demonstrated using Cameo Enterprise Architecture v19 and the Safety and Reliability Plugin.