Presentation Abstract

Model Library and Method for Modeling Electrical Interfaces

  • Speaker: Chris Massa - Draper
  • When: Day 3 : Tuesday May 21st
  • At the system design level, standard electrical connectors, cables, components, and overall connectivity are typically defined using graphical tools such as Microsoft Visio and PowerPoint. ICDs are often created separately from the associated connectivity diagrams, using manually populated spreadsheets. This approach is labor-intensive and error prone.

    A model-based alternative using SysML has been developed to facilitate the specification of electrical connectivity and interfaces, and the integration of this information into the overall system design model.

    This method includes the creation of a model library of commonly used/COTS electrical connectors, cables, and other connectivity components. The reusable elements include standard images of the components to aid in understanding, and for presentation purposes. The library is imported into a project-specific model, and its elements are then used to type the relevant elements of usage in the project model, such as parts and ports. ICD tables may then be generated automatically from the model. The library also includes usage examples, interface validation scripts, and rollup patterns.