Presentation Abstract

Open Your Rhapsody Models to the World of MagicDraw

  • Speaker: Robin Mikola - Sodius-Willert
  • When: Day 3 : Tuesday May 21st
  • While UML is the Unified Modeling Language, the exchange of models is far from unified or universal. While XMI is considered a core of the exchange of model information, it often leaves dissatisfaction with the lack of diagrams. In our modeling activities, much of our time is spent communicating stories through diagrams and pictures. With all that effort, doesn’t it make sense that as you exchange tools this effort is respected? To address this challenge, the MagicDraw SysML Publisher for Rhapsody fulfills this challenge of exchanging your Rhapsody models for MagicDraw models while respecting your visual intents. In this talk we will review how this works, what it covers, and how to embed in your development process. Whether you have legacy work that needs to remain in Rhapsody but delivered to users in MagicDraw, or need to migrate an investment from Rhapsody to MagicDraw, this solution will save time and effort of your engineering team. Please join our review and open your Rhapsody models to the world of MagicDraw.