Presentation Abstract

SysML, Dymola and FMI... Oh My!

  • Speaker: Nerijus Jankevicius - CATIA No Magic and Victor-Marie Lebrun - 3DS
  • When: Day 3 : Tuesday May 21st
  • SysML models are at the center of designing today’s complex cyber-physical systems. These systems are usually composed of subsystems and subcomponents designed by different teams of different engineering domains (mechanical, electrical, control, software and others).

    SysML is perfect for capturing requirements and descriptive system definition but is insufficient to capture all domain-specific details necessary for dynamic analysis and verification. SysML modeling tools and simulation tools are often used separately and sequentially, simulation engineers must re-specify their parts in each tool they are using, including information that is also available in SysML models. Even more, there is no standard way to integrate and represent existing simulation models in SysML. This reduces the efficiency of the engineering process and makes it difficult to perform analysis, verification, and design-space exploration during early design phases, resulting in issues during integration phase which are expensive to fix. 

    In this presentation we will discuss different integration problems (descriptive vs analytical models, discrete vs continues behavior) and will demonstrate several innovative working solutions, by leveraging brand-new OMG SysPhS (SysML Extension for Physical Interaction and Signal Flow Simulation) standard implementation for SysML to Modelica and SysML to Simulink transformation.

    These models further developed, refined and debugged in respective simulation tools, directly or compiled as FMI units (Functional Mockup Interface) will be imported back into standard-based executable SysML environment and co-simulated at the system level for system level requirements verification.

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